Who Can Use My Services?

My services are designed purely for businesses offering some kind of service, or businesses which have a service element to them. If you ‘do something’ for your clients, rather than simply sell them a product, my services are for you. Any businesses having both product and service based elements are also accepted.

Obvious examples of suitable business types are; professional services, tradesmen, consultants, freelancers, and anyone offering custom services, or a supply and fit service. I tend to be able to help most B2B type businesses.

Sometimes the line between service and product based businesses is a little blurred. For example, although I do not work with purely product based retailers, I am happy to work with those businesses who may be looking to actually develop a product, or those who assist clients in some other way.

If you are unsure if your business type is suitable, please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out.

Types of business for which my services are not suitable.

I do not work for any business which simply sells products with no service element included. Obvious examples of businesses not suitable for my services are online retailers, high street retailers selling widely available products, and general traders.

Why do I only accept clients operating certain types of business?

  • The answer to this question is simple.
  • Marketing service based businesses is what I do, and I do it exceptionally well,
  • I am an expert in marketing service based businesses, and have spent many thousands of hours researching the subject, many years honing my knowledge and skills, and even endured sitting through seemingly endless lectures whilst studying for Chartered Institute qualifications (Which I used to give me a decent basic level of understanding upon which to build my specialist knowledge).
  • I have personally built and owned service based businesses, and have a working knowledge of every aspect of this type of business.
  • I am currently in the process of writing a book on the subject of advantage based marketing strategy for small service based businesses. This area really is my ‘specialist subject’.
  • My specialist skills, knowledge and techniques have been specifically designed and built to offer maximum benefit to service based businesses. They would not be effective if used for other business types.