I’ll leave out any fancy images or styling as this page is all about the copy.

I write words that persuade people to do things.

Whilst working as a self-employed marketing and business development consultant, it’s been increasingly obvious that copy I write, achieves much better results than copy written by ANYONE else I use. I’ve written marketing e-mails that have received very close to 100% response rates, doubled acceptance rates of quotations (with a few tweaks to the way in which the quotations were written), and have transformed some clients’ understanding of how to use copy in under an hour.

My strength is to quickly asses what’s required, help you with strategic decisions (if required), and then get the job done. My hourly rate may be a little higher than some other copywriters you are considering, but then I’m not a normal copywriter. I’ve never been in full time employment in my life. I’ve never had a 9-5 with a large corporation, and I’ve never been a journalist or ‘content writer’, churning out hundreds or thousands of words as quickly as possible. I’ve made my living from a natural ability to persuade people, along with thousands of hours or research, testing, and perfecting my skills.

My skillset is a perfect match for writing copy that gets results. With in-depth knowledge of marketing strategy, a natural ability to persuade, a solid background in business ownership, a deep understanding of business practices and a solid understanding of the part psychology plays in both copywriting and persuasion, I’d really be missing my calling if I didn’t offer my copy writing services to clients.

With my experience in running both my own businesses and working as a consultant I have a deep understanding of how the words you see on a page really are just the tip of the iceberg. When I write copy, my clients get much more than just a ‘copywriter’. Yes, the end result is the words on the page, but I have the ability to quickly and effectively asses what’s going on ‘under the water’ too. This ensures that those words match the strategic goals of the company and also relay, exactly the right message, in exactly the right tone.

If you need to persuade someone to do something,: